Your participation in lessons and programs provided by Stew Smith LLC, and Heroes of Tomorrow
is completely and fully voluntary.

Only sign these documents if you want to, and after a complete review by competent authority.

Your printed name, date and written signature and witness is required on allreleases and agreements.

All signed and dated documents must be mailed to and received at Heroes of Tomorrow prior to your attendance and or participation in any and all of our lessons and programs. Absolutely no exceptions to this rule.

Basic description of releases which require signature prior to attendance and orĀ  participation in any and all Heroes of Tomorrow lessons, trainingĀ  and programs.

1. Medical release – In case of emergency you are allowing staff at Heroes of Tomorrow or your trainer to request and approve medical treatment if you are incapacitated and unable to do so for yourself.

2. Medical questionnaire- This is a medical history for you. Please fill out as completely as possible. It will be reviewed by our medical staff.

3. Model release/Liability – We take a lot of photos, voice and video recordings. You might be included in them during your participation. This allows us to use your likeness in our normal course of business. Let us know and we will attempt to keep you out of our photos. You can also wear shades and a face cover or camouflage if you wish. Ensure that you inform your instructor. We make every attempt to provide a safe environment for learning. Safety first. You take ultimate responsibility for your safety and release us from any and all liability.

4. Confidentiality Agreement – You might witness privileged information during any of our lessons and programs. You will need sign a confidentiality agreement.

5. E-signature Agreement – In our normal course of business and legal communications, Heroes of Tomorrow, Stew Smith LLC, our agents and assignees utilize electronic signatures for legally binding contracts and documents via different types of electronic communications such as email, faxes, video and voice recordings as set forth in the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (“UETA”).

Special note: Your Heroes of Tomorrow Trainer is an unpaid volunteer.
Your Heroes of Tomorrow Trainer might require you to sign similar releases prior to your participation.



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