We are in the process of applying for nonprofit status as a public charity vs. remaining a private
foundation at this time. 
We are still a non-profit organization but donations at this time are
not tax deductible. - Stew Smith

Heroes of Tomorrow is a nationwide army of veterans and other experts who donate their time and share their experiences to prepare Americans who have made the heroic choice to serve our country and communities. Heroes of Tomorrow volunteers provide FREE group training and information that will enable these prospective candidates to excel in military, law enforcement, public safety, and fire fighter training.

It is proven that being physically prepared to enter any training program will:

Over the past ten years, Heroes of Tomorrow has prepared more than 30,000 Americans to serve their country with free fitness training.

You can help expand the Heroes of Tomorrow program. Here’s how ….

Your donation will help increase awareness of the program, reaching more Americans who want to serve our country. Donations will also provide updated training equipment and programs to community training facilities.

We are starting the planning and construction of a Regional Obstacle Course. We can get it done a lot quicker with your help. 

We are growing each day and are implementing State/Regional Directorships to assist with the quality assurance of the programs.

Your donations and participation will help us produce the infrastructure needed to grow throughout our country and around the world.

With proper preparation, candidates will be  strong enough to compete – not merely survive training.

Why do we do this?

Because of lifestyle changes and decreased funding for physical education programs, America’s talent pool for physically demanding professions has declined.  As a result, more and more men and women are overweight and fail to meet the standards for military or public safety service. Heroes of Tomorrow simplifies the process of losing weight and getting fit to serve through education and training programs taught by our skilled group of instructors.

Heroes of Tomorrow was founded by Stew Smith, CSCS. Stew is a graduate of the U. S. Naval Academy, a former Navy SEAL, and an internationally acclaimed fitness author and speaker. Since 2001, Stew has personally donated more than 5000 hours “preparing Americans to serve” in public service careers at the Heroes of Tomorrow training facility located near Annapolis, Maryland.